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There are many advantages for why we choose to play Elite Baseball each summer, but before we look at the advantages, let’s look at the vision of why we play such tough competition year in and year out.


Our ultimate goal as an organization is to infiltrate Major League Baseball with the Gospel. We understand that our program is not for everyone because of the time expectations that we place on each player. So, for that reason, some future MLB players might not want to play baseball with us. We are blessed to have had a ton of great baseball players play for us over the years, but we have yet to have anyone play in Major League Baseball.


So, we believe that the most effective way for our organization to infiltrate Major League Baseball is to play against future professional baseball players on a regular basis. By meeting them on a common ground, like a baseball field, we are able to gain respect and share the Gospel to anyone we play. Over the last 11 seasons, we have played against dozens of to-be MLB players and we hope and pray that they will remember who the OKC Ambassadors are and why we exist, and then share that with their teammates.


Playing against elite competition year-in and year-out allows our players to improve their abilities. We are firm believers that in order to be the best you can be, you need to compete at the highest level. We want each of our players to reach their peak abilities, and by playing against other great players, we can do this.


The other advantage in playing elite competition each year is that when we play in high caliber tournaments, we see scouts and college coaches everywhere. Our goal is to get each of our players signed by the time they are done with our organization. By playing in tournaments where we know college coaches and pro scouts will be, we are able to give our kids more looks.


We are called by God to be excellent in all that we do. We will never apologize for attempting to improve the skillset that God has given us on this earth. We can improve by playing against the best competition. Our organization will never seek wins alone. Wins are secondary. We seek to improve and go toe-to-toe with the best of the best in order to gain their respect, so that we can share the Gospel with them.

















Our discipleship program is one of the most important aspects of who we are as an organization. Without our discipleship plan, we are just another faith-based baseball team. We are intentional about discipling each of our players. We take this opportunity very seriously. We want to see God work in the lives of each Ambassador.


Each year, we have a discipleship theme. We choose a study to go through for the 8-week summer program. Each layer receives a notebook with their daily study and accountability questions inside. As a team, we have an hour Bible study approximately 4 times per week. This is where we put all distractions away, phones in a bucket, baseball off our minds, and solely dedicate this time to studying the Word of God.


Our staff focuses on not only teaching the players about Scripture, but also teaching each Ambassador how to study the Word of God on their own. It is an important aspect for each of our players to know how to study on their own as they head into college away from our team. We put a heavy emphasis on each player studying





















































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