A New Season Begins | 2021

A New Season Begins | 2021

Since 2008, the springtime consists of the A Life Worth Following administration and OKC Ambassador coaching staff preparing for an upcoming summer baseball season.
All of this preparation consists of: 
  • Prayer for the individual players on the roster
  • Prayer for the interaction between the Ambassador team and its opponents
  • Prayer for the children who will be participating in the many free baseball clinics
  • Prayer for the discipleship and accountability programs
  • Scheduling tournaments
  • Scheduling Travel
  • Arranging Host Homes
  • Coordinating the Justin Sullivan Memorial Tournament
  • Ordering uniforms
  • Preparing the day to day calendar
  • Arranging ministry opportunities
  • And much more!

Although the preparation is daunting and the summer schedule exhausting, the ministry and the mission proves that it is worth the time, effort, energy and investment. There has yet to be a summer, where the OKC Ambassadors baseball ministry did not make a massive impact on the world of baseball. And this is not of our own doing, but because our desire is to glorify the Lord in all that we do.

Leading into the 2021 summer, we have much to do! Coming off of a strange, yet incredible 2020 season, we have learned of ways that we can adjust our ministry to incorporate even more of a Gospel-centered mindset. Last summer, because of all of the shut downs across the country, we had the opportunity to open up our home field and host our own tournaments. This strategy proved to be an incredible opportunity for ministry as we were able to host five tournaments allowing for thousands of players, parents, fans and kids to be exposed to our ministry. Although this is a little different than anything we have done in the past, God truly blessed this ministry as we remained faithful to proclaim the Gospel even in the midst of non-ideal circumstances.

In 2021, we will continue this ministry of hospitality by hosting a few tournaments. We are praying for the availability to once again be able to travel as we have done for so many years. Our administration and coaching staff has put together a few different schedule options based on what happens in the next couple of months, but one thing is for sure... The Ambassadors will be ready, prepared and equipped to take the Gospel to the world of baseball!

Recapping 2020

The Ministry of Hospitality

As the doors to every baseball facility in the state of Oklahoma were closing and fear was beginning to increase all across the country, Christian Heritage Academy and First Southern Baptist Church opened the opportunity for our ministry to thrive. The planning of the summer was very difficult. We must have gone through seven different calendars from March through May until we finally landed on the opportunity to host multiple tournaments. This was only possible because of the generosity of Christian Heritage Academy and First Southern Baptist Church.

The normal summer of the OKC Ambassadors consists of one week in Oklahoma and seven weeks across the country or internationally. The original plan for the 2020 summer was to spend two weeks in Canada, where we rented out the Ottawa Champions Baseball Stadium to host a tournament and six free baseball clinics for kids. But God had different plans for our ministry. Instead, we spent the majority of our summer at the Christian Heritage Academy home baseball complex. This complex allowed us to not only host games, but host elite-level baseball tournaments while ministering to each team and family that walked through the gates. Our entire staff, including coaches, players and parents served every guest that came into the facility. It was incredible to see how serving others can directly impact lives.

In the summer of 2020, God gave the OKC Ambassadors the opportunity to minister through Hospitality, and we did this to the very best of our ability. We are so thankful for partners in our ministry like Christian Heritage Academy and First Southern Baptist Church. They believed in our mission and allowed God to use our organization in a powerful way!

To everyone who came to a game, tournament or event that we hosted in 2020: