Player Spotlight: Daxton Carter

Player Spotlight
Daxton Carter

The 2021 OKC Ambassadors are excited to have Daxton Carter back on this year's squad. Dax is from Waleetka, OK where he has been a three-sport star for his high school career. He is the quarterback, shooting guard and catcher for his high school teams. Yet, more than anything, Dax just loves to fish! He spends as much time out on the lake fishing and has won many competitions.

We were so blessed to be introduced to Dax last summer as he played for our 2020 team. He walked into the first practice unassuming and shy, but by the end of the summer it was clear that he was one of our best hitters and he became one of the voices to lead the team. He finished the season hitting .323 with 5 doubles and 14 RBI's, although his summer was cut short due do a shoulder injury. Playing second base, there was a hard hit ground ball in the hole and Dax dove to make the play, but was not able to stand back up. As he dove for the ball, his elbow planted into the ground and his shoulder separated. (Dax would want you to know that he did, in fact, make the play!)

For his high school team this spring, Daxton is off to a hot start, hitting .721 with 5 2B's, 2 HR's and 9 RBI's. He also threw a no-run, no-hit game against their rival which included 11 K's.

Dax was a spiritual leader on last year's team. In our discipleship meetings, Daxton would often speak into the text and talk about the importance of being an Ambassador for Christ. His desire to live for the Lord is contagious because he is always filled with joy. 

From Luke Sandoval, OKC Ambassadors Head Coach
"Dax is just a great young man. He's a guy you can trust on and off the baseball field. Last year we didn't know what we were going to get out of him and he shocked us all by being one of the best hitters on the team! He was willing to do whatever he needed to do for the team to be successful. We look for him to be one of our leaders this summer."

From Cole Cleveland, A Life Worth Following Executive Director
"You can't help but love Dax. Not only is he a very talented baseball player, but it is so obvious that he loves the Lord and is serving Him daily. Dax is one of the most humble young men that I have ever met. He truly exhibits meekness in his spirit. He is an Ambassador through and through. We are very proud to have him back as a leader on this year's team."