A Life Worth Following


In life there are people who live exceptionally and set incredible examples for others to follow.  Justin Sullivan was one of those people who lived exceptionally and his influence is continuing to make a difference years after his death.
During his time on earth, Justin was an exceptional athlete, an exceptional student and an exceptional competitor.  Though these qualities enabled him to stand out, the thing that made Justin’s life worth following was his exceptional walk with Jesus Christ.
Justin was named Baseball Player of the Year by The Daily Oklahoman on June 2, 2002.  The following day while driving home from work in the middle of the afternoon, he was killed when the back wheels of a semi-tractor trailer broke off the truck, crossed the center median and killed him instantly. Though his life was cut short, the message of his life and the influence of his story is still speaking loud and clear.
Since his death on that summer afternoon, Justin’s story has inspired a 501c3 organization which has influenced countless numbers of people all across the country and the world.  Justin’s life has not only inspired the book “A Life Worth Following” but it has also inspired the formation of the Ambassadors Baseball ministry which is effectively impacting athletes all over the world.  Thank you for coming to our website today and we pray that the Lord will speak to your heart through His word and Justin’s life.
Six months before Justin Sullivan met Jesus face to face, his mother gave him a spiritual journal to help him connect with God. Amazingly, in the last six months of his life, Justin did not miss one day of his time with the Lord and the following excerpts are direct quotes taken directly from that journal.
It is important to note, as Justin spent time with the Lord, he had a couple of habits.  First of all, he would write down thoughts and prayers that the Lord would put on his heart.  Secondly, he always wrote his full name and the date on every entry.  His disciplined life and his insight into God and life has helped many people connect with God.  These are the excerpts that were used in “A Life Worth Following”.  May the Lord speak to your heart through His word and Justin’s life.

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