Our Story

How it all started...

In life there are people who live exceptionally and set incredible examples for others to follow.  Justin Sullivan was one of those people who lived exceptionally and his influence is continuing to make a difference years after his death.
During his time on earth, Justin was an exceptional athlete, an exceptional student and an exceptional competitor.  Though these qualities enabled him to stand out, the thing that made Justin’s life worth following was his exceptional walk with Jesus Christ.


Expanding the vision...

The OKC Ambassadors just completed their 13th season of ministry! God continues to bless this organization in unbelievable ways! The more people hear about this mission, the more people want to support what we are doing. Our goal is to expand the vision, so that we can reach more people for Christ through the game of baseball.

Where we are headed...

This ministry focuses on four major elements as we continue to follow Christ in all that we do:
  1. Discipleship
    • First and foremost is the spiritual development of each of our players. We spend a significant amount of time each day studying the Word of God, teaching spiritual leadership skills and giving opportunity for growth.
  2. Evangelism
    • From the spiritual growth in our discipleship program, our players become equipped and prepared to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to other baseball teams, fans, umpires and children at clinics. We are able to see the fruit of our labor as God freely gives His grace to those who trust Him.
  3. Baseball
    • We will continue to emphasize the importance of being an elite baseball team. God has given us the ability to play baseball, and to not use that gift to the best of our ability is to waste an opportunity given by God. 
  4. Development
    • In all things, we trust that God will lead the right individuals to our organization, so that we can partner to continue to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

Be a part of our story...