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May 22, 2018




As I watch the 2018 Oklahoma City Ambassador Team taking shape, I think about my time with the Ambassadors.  I can't help but reflect upon how three young men, half my age, discipled me and challenged me like I had never been challenged before.  As God used Chris, Coach V, and A D to disciple the players on each team, they literally taught me how to serve Christ, while giving me another chance to stay in baseball.




In 2009, Dan Moore introduced me to Chris Wall. Chris invited me to attend a meeting of the  Ambassador staff.  I was amazed at what the Ambassadors were about, and was excited about becoming a part of it.


I had been active in my church, but what I did were jobs, not service, because I did not have any concept of what it really meant to serve. As I began my time with the Ambassadors, my heart was in the right place, but I typically found myself more focused on my job, than serving.


However, being surrounded by Godly men, while striving to seek God's will, my heart began to change. Over my eight year tenure with The Oklahoma City Ambassadors, I learned to serve God from the heart, not just through the task.

I love these guys, and have a life long bond with all those who have worn the Ambassador Uniform. 


Serving from the heart, has had a profound effect upon my taking responsibility for my family's spiritual life, my service to Christ through my church, and upon my attitude regarding my role as a Christian in my day-to-day life. Serving God in all that I do is the best thing that has happened to me since my Salvation.


This is what the Ambassadors mean to me.


"Sports Nation"

OKC Ambassadors

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