Dear Supporter,

God has led me to this point in my life where I can directly impact the lives of young men and the baseball world. The impact that we have on our players each year has proven to be a game-changer in the Kingdom work. We have seen so many lives transformed because of the position that the coaching staff is in to influence and disciple each of our players. We train our players to live A Life Worth Following and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the baseball world on a daily basis.

Would you please consider supporting my full-time role as Director of Operations and Head Coach of the OKC Ambassadors?


Your support would allow our ministry to continue to thrive and grow our reach through the entire world. We will be pursuing opportunities to take multiple international mission trips each year, organize an alumni mission team, and create more opportunity for Ambassadors to play for us in the future.


Luke Sandoval

Justin Sullivan, ALWF

P.O. Box 6727

Moore, OK 73153

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