OKC Ambassadors

The Pursuit of Excellence for the Glory of God

Using BASEBALL as an excuse to share the Gospel

"Therefore, we are AMBASSADORS for Christ, God making His appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God."
2 Corinthians 5:20

Free Camps

The Ambassadors Baseball ministry seeks to connect with like-minded churches across the world in order to host free sports camps as a ministry opportunity. 

Gospel Presentation

Everything that we do on and off the playing field gives us an opportunity to share the One True Gospel of Jesus Christ. We use athletics as an excuse the share the Gospel.


As the Ambassadors are traveling across the world for the sake of the Gospel, we are seeking like-minded partners who are willing to come alongside of us and support this discipleship ministry.

Who We Are

The OKC Ambassadors are a Christian athletics organization in the family of ministries for Resolved Ministries.

What We Do

For 16 years, we have taken young men for a baseball season and equipped them with the teaching of the Word of God. We focus on discipleship, leadership training, evangelism and athletic excellence.
In addition, we serve  local churches, host free baseball camps for children and play/host high level baseball tournaments.

What's Different

We are not just simply a pray-before-the-game type of Christian baseball team. We are very intentional with our daily discipleship, Bible studies and accountability. Our goal is to raise up a generation of young men who are ready to stand for Christ no matter what the cultural circumstances might be.

Become an Ambassador!


Devote an hour each day to the study of the Word of God as a team
Develop incredible relationships through authentic accountability
Learn how to pray for brothers in Christ
Establish an understanding of what it means to “put on the Armor of God”
Prepare each player to be able to efficiently share the Gospel
Train spiritual leaders who are well equipped to impact this generation

Athletic Excellence

Enjoy the game of baseball!
Dedicate a daily purpose to improve the skills that God has given to us
Impact the world of baseball by the way that we play the game as Christians
Gain exposure to college coaches and pro scouts


Natural overflow as the fruit of discipleship in sharing the love of Christ
Learn how to share the Gospel of Christ through the game of baseball
Host free baseball clinics for children
Speak to each of our opponents following our games
Support local churches in each city that we travel to
Serve the community by engaging in missional ministries


Have a long-term goal mindset looking to “leave this ministry better than we found it”
Establish world-wide connections for others to be able to join in and be a part of what God is doing through this ministry
Be a good steward with all of the resources that God has provided us

The Ambassador

Stay up to date with the latest that is going on with the Ambassadors! From discipleship, organizational announcements and feature stories, you can catch it all in The Ambassador.