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The Ambassador Lifestyle

A life controlled by the love of Christ implores others.

This verse-by-verse exposition of 2 Corinthians 5:1–21 will give you a newfound passion to live your life as an ambassador for Christ. Through this study, you will be:

  • Challenged in your daily walk with Christ.
  • Reminded to walk in a manner worthy of the Gospel.
  • Taught what it means to fear the Lord and not man.
  • Encouraged to persuade others to follow Jesus.
  • Oriented to the processes of justification and sanctification.
  • Charged with going into the world to speak on behalf of the King.

Believer in Christ, your home is not this temporary earth! Your citizenship is in heaven. But you have been commissioned by the King to be an ambassador in this foreign land. You are placed here for a purpose. You are put on the earth for a reason, which is to live The Ambassador Lifestyle as you implore the world to be reconciled to God.

Sermon Notes

Pastors, never has there been a more perfect gift to your congregation than to provide them a Sermon Notes Notebook, which will allow them to engage in your message more than ever! Encourage each congregant to use the format to keep sermon notes, so that they can follow-up and remember your sermon.

These notebooks are perfect for engaging in meaningful Bible studies following the Sunday morning sermon!

Church member, this Sermon Notes Notebook is for you! 

Psalm 67
30-Day Devotional

Let The Peoples Praise You!

You are about to embark on a 30-day journey through Psalm 67 and my prayer is that your life will forever be changed! This Psalm is packed with theology, doctrine and application for the believer. God’s Word will challenge you to press forward and obey the instruction brought forth. Trust the sufficiency of the all-satisfying Scripture that our Lord provides for us to grow in our sanctification. 

2024 OKC Ambassadors Discipleship Notebook

This Discipleship Notebook is for our 2024 players and coaches only.

Walking Against The Culture

A study through the Beatitudes. This study is based on our OKC Ambassadors discipleship model, and was used by our baseball team.

Good Servant of Christ

13 Characteristics of a Successful Biblical Ministry.

Study through 1 Timothy 4:6-16 and learn how you can have a successful Biblical ministry. Whether you are in a full-time ministry position or you are simply striving to be a strong Biblical parent, this ministry will revolutionize the way you approach your God-given ministry.

Upcoming Projects Include:

Youth Sports & The Gospel
Understanding How A Christian Should Regard Athletics
Coming Fall 2024

The Resolved Educator
A Distinctively Biblical Philosophy and Methodology for Education
Coming Fall 2024

Here I Am, Send Me!
The Christian Approach To Athletic Recruiting
Coming Winter 2025

The Resolved Printing Press

The Resolved Printing Press is a company who is focused on producing doctrinally sound content for Christians who have a desire to study Scripture and encourage others to do the same. Our mission is to deliver material to a wide variety of individuals who can make an impact on the culture with the mission of the Gospel.

We believe in the sufficiency of the Word of God and trust its work to redeem the lost and to sanctify those who have been made new in Christ.

If you have a book that will encourage others to focus their mission on being an Ambassador, we would love to help you provide a resource to others. Please fill out the inquiry below.

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