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The Colors & The Gospel

Mar 28, 2022    Cole Cleveland

As "Ambassadors" we are called to be heralds of the Good News that has been given to us. The colors of our uniforms are intentional to be able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We use these colors as a way of illustrating the Hope that lives within the followers of Jesus.

As we teach our players how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is important that we understand the overview of the presentation itself. Never do we want to offer an “easy believism” type of Gospel. Instead, we need to make sure that the listener understands what it means to count the cost. So, for this reason, we have outlined our colors in such a way that can be an easy Gospel presentation ministry.

Throughout the rest of this week, we will give a deeper understanding of each of these, but here is the basic outline:
* The Gold in our uniform ascribes Glory to the One True God.
* The Black in our uniform represents the total depravity of man.
* The Red in our uniform represents the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ.
* The White in our uniform represented the purification of sins that we can only find in Christ alone.

As the season goes on, our mission is to train up our players, coaches, parents and volunteers to be able to share the One True Gospel of Jesus Christ with anyone and everyone that they come into contact with. In this way, we are equipping an entire army of believers to be Ambassadors for Christ.