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Resolved Academy, Week 2

Miss Kristen's Desk

This week, we had another great day at Resolved Academy! Each of our students came ready and excited to learn. I had the opportunity this past Thursday to sit-in on the students’ morning choir session with Clancey and Miss Genice. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the kids learn more about the Reformation as they prepared their songs and verses for Reformation Day next month. They also reviewed the 5 solas of the Reformation which was a great reminder of Biblical truth before moving into our discussion of the Reformation in history class.

In our science class, we spent time reviewing terms such as science, matter, molecules, and dissolve before moving into our experiment. In our experiment, we combined Kool-aid with water and discussed the results. While conducting our experiment, we followed the Scientific Method and emphasized that God’s creation exhibits orderliness and design. In our apologetics class, we discussed our first incommunicable attribute of God, God’s self-existence. We talked about how God has no cause and how this is different from us. Lastly, in our Biblical History/Geography class, we reviewed the 5 solas of the Reformation before moving into our discussion of England in the 1300s. We talked about what the church looked like in England as well as the impact of the Black Death on the church. Next week, we will spend our time looking at John Wycliffe and his impact on the Reformation.

As I look forward to next week’s lessons, I am excited to continue to approach each of our subjects with the understanding that our lessons are to be rooted in God’s Word. I would appreciate your continued prayers for each of our students, that they would be firmly rooted in the truth of God’s Word, and that God’s glory would be magnified at Resolved Academy
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