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Resolved Academy, Week 5

Miss Kristen's Desk

This past week, Clancey and I had another opportunity to attend a Herzog Foundation Leadership Development retreat in Fort Worth. While there, we spent much time narrowing down the mission, vision, and values of Resolved Academy. We also gained a better understanding of how to communicate this to our church families. I especially gained a greater appreciation for those in our church who have given time, resources and prayers that support this ministry. I also greatly appreciate the Herzog Foundation’s investment in us and our ministry. The training and development that we have undergone has been fantastic, and I appreciate the opportunity to make great connections with other school leaders at this particular conference.

At school on Friday, we resumed our normal classes of science, foundations worldview and biblical history/geography. In science, we concluded our study of physics with an experiment that provided a visual picture of light and sound waves, emphasizing that God created all things - energy, matter, and life. In our apologetics class, we learned about how God is eternal, he has no beginning and no end. We looked at Psalm 90:2 as we learned that only God is eternal. Lastly, in our Biblical History/Geography class we concluded our discussion of 15th century Reformer John Hus. We discussed John Hus’ death and the biblical truths that he was put to death for, with a special emphasis on the authority of scripture. We also talked about John Hus’ influence on the Reformation which would begin almost 100 years after his death. Next week, we will focus on Martin Luther and the start of the Reformation.

Please continue to pray for Resolved Academy as we work to implement all that we have learned through our various training in our ministry. I look forward to seeing each of our students grow as they become more rooted in God’s Word!
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