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Why Resolved Academy?

Why Resolved Academy?

The foundation of our desire to be "resolved" comes from the Bible, specifically in Daniel 1:8. Here, we find the young man, Daniel, ready and willing to live his life in accordance to God's Word.

In Daniel's day, the King of Babylon commanded that certain young men be taken away from their Israelite homes and moved into Babylon. The idea was to train these teenage boys in the ways of the Chaldeans, so that they would forget their heritage and change their beliefs. The Chaldeans went as far as to change the name of the boys, so that they would completely forget who they were. It was essentially an attempt to brainwash them of their Jewish heritage and indoctrinate them into a pagan and worldly culture.

The King was going to provide each of the boys a daily portion of food and drink, so that they might be well taken care of as they were being educated. This food and drink was dedicated to the Babylonian pagan gods and all of their idols, and for Daniel to partake of this food and drink meant that he would have to deny his God and defile his beliefs. Although it appeared to be an innocent decision, because it involved the necessity of eating food, by which he would have to live, nevertheless Daniel 1:8 says that, “Daniel resolved in his heart that he would not defile himself with the king's choice food or the wine that he drank.”

Daniel made a resolution in his heart that he would not deny his God or compromise on his convictions, even if it cost him his health and his life. He made a deal with the Chief and said,
“Feed me vegetables and water for 10 days, and if I am not healthier than every other boy here, you can deal with me as the law requires.” This meant that Daniel was putting his life on the line by holding to his Resolution and convictions. After 10 days, Daniel was the most healthy boy, and goes on to be an incredible man of God.

The true heroes of the story of Daniel are his parents. They prepared Daniel for the day that he would have to choose whom he was going to serve. Daniel's parents, who are unknown to us by name, raised Daniel in the admonition of the Lord. Because of this, he was prepared to face a culture who was admittedly opposed to the things of God.

Today, we are faced with the same opportunity that Daniel's parents had. We have the responsibility to raise a generation of children in the admonition of the Lord, prepared to stand against the culture. We, as parents of future leaders, must train our children what it means to find their foundation in the sufficiency of Christ alone. Our prayer should be that the children in our school would resolve in their hearts to not walk along with the culture, but instead, choose to walk in the name of the Lord our God, forever and forever.
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