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Resolved Academy, Week 11

Miss Kristen's Desk

This past week, our students at Resolved Academy had their final rehearsal before their Thanksgiving presentation on Sunday! I am looking forward to hearing the song and verses that they have spent so much time preparing over these past few weeks. Along with preparing for their presentation, our students also spent much time this past Thursday learning about the reason why we celebrate Thanksgiving each year. After learning about Thanksgiving, our students then shared a Thanksgiving meal together at lunchtime where they were able to put some of their table etiquette lessons into practice!
In our science class this past week, we began our study of botany by discussing God's creation and how it exhibits distinctness and diversity. Our students learned about how different plants, trees, fruits and vegetables all have distinct characteristics and purposes. These differences point to our creator. In a few weeks, our students will examine various leaves and their distinguishing marks. In our Foundations Worldview class, we learned about how God is omniscient, He knows everything. We also discussed how God knows all of our thoughts, words, actions, and attitudes. Though we cannot see God, He can always see us and knows everything about us. Lastly, in our Biblical History/Geography class, we learned all about the very first Thanksgiving and why we celebrate it each year. Our students also learned about how we should be thankful for God's Word, the gospel, and the church and how we can be good stewards of them.
In class, I had the opportunity to explain to our students the great privilege we have to be a part of such a wonderful local body of believers. I pray that this Thanksgiving, our students would gain a greater appreciation for our church and that they would continue to grow in their understanding of God’s Word. 
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