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The 5-day model of schooling, which includes students sitting at their desks for eight hours each day, has been unsuccessful in its attempt to improve the overall standard of academic levels in comparison to proceeding centuries.  Resolved Academy seeks to bring back the Puritan model of education, which produced some of the greatest minds in the history of our world. By combining the highest level of academia with real-life experience of hands-on training through apprenticeships, we will produce a group of students equipped to make an immediate impact on society for the Glory of God.

Innovative Education

Understanding Education

So many 23-year-olds graduate with an MBA to immediately ask the question, "Now what?" This is a travesty in today's society. Our desire is to help each student understand their God-given talents while in their mid-teens.

Developing Real Skills

By providing opportunities for hands-on skill development starting at the age of 8-years-old, each student will begin to understand what they love to do, how God has gifted them, and where they can be most prosperous.

Preparation for Life

We have made partnerships with local business owners, tradesmen, civil authorities and clergymen, who have agreed to partner with our school in providing apprenticeship programs to our students throughout their entire educational experience.
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